Anna Kellogg P.C.C. is a pigment artist who has been custom blending cosmetics (lipsticks, nail polish, and mica powders) for herself, her friends, and her clients for over twenty years. Her specialty of customizing foundations for flawless skin tone matching and correction needed due to unique coloration, injury, or medical conditions led her to enter the field of permanent cosmetics as a natural offshoot of this artistry.

 As a licensed permanent cosmetic artist Anna uses her skill to carefully match pigments that will enhance your natural beauty and work with your skin tones.  View the GALLERY page to see what a difference this personalization can make.

Anna is proud to have been personally trained by Tammy Kelly. Tammy has been teaching and applying permanent makeup for eighteen years and has her permanent makeup school on beautiful Whidbey Island.

To schedule a complimentary appointment with Anna to discuss what permanent cosmetics can do for you or to simply ask a question, feel free to contact her directly via e-mail at annakellogg@beautyonpoint.com or call her directly at (206) 697-9364.

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